Axis – ‘Child’ Centred

Child Centered

Here at The Axis Academy, we put each student at the centre of their education, making the experience as personally tailored as possible and providing the right environment for all to succeed, while allowing them to understand and address the nature of specific mental health needs.

Emotional Wellbeing (EWB) is a continuum, not a set need.  Students can move up and down that continuum, so our EWB activity impacts more broadly than simply addressing exhibited problems. EWB is a key element in student development, and promoting readiness to learn, particularly for SEMH students, where dynamic support enables them to become resilient learners. We have mapped out direct-learning time in the curriculum to cover this core value and encourage students to become resilient, mindful, and able to manage life beyond school.

We see great importance in early intervention measures. This variety of strategies identifies strengths and weaknesses and builds resilience, to nurture learning and coping strategies.

A major role of the SLT will be to undertake regular, school-wide mapping exercises, where students are learning about themselves, to highlight appropriate interventions, what strategies are employed, and how opportunities will impact positively.