Here at The Axis Academy we will offer a life line to children who suffer from emotional and mental health difficulties that prevent them from accessing both an education and social mobility, we will do this through a true dedication towards a whole school approach to emotional well-being and mental health.

The Axis Academy is being launched with the aim to re-connect pupils who have become detached from their education, and in some cases purpose in life. We will strive to re-engage pupils and to give them a vision of both their education and their place in the wider community.

We will create a nurturing approach to education where children feel safe and supported and that their needs and obstacles in life are understood and addressed by empathetic, patient members of staff who show compassion and appreciate the needs and requirements of all pupils.

The Axis Academy will provide a variety of surroundings to develop the whole child, such as calm rooms and sensory rooms to tranquil learning environments and outdoor spaces. Our commitment will be for children to feel safe and secure, with staff that motivate and drive them to come to school every day.

Not only will children have access to trained members of staff who know and understand their needs, The Axis Academy will be working collaboratively with a variety of multi agencies to ensure that children’s needs are being met and anxieties are being reduced by providing onsite facilities, and a collaborative delivery model with visiting professionals.

The Axis Academy will provide an education to children from reception right up to Year 11 (initially opening with Years 5,6,7,8 and 9), and we will be offering a varied, interesting and inspiring curriculum with a focus on vocational and well-being subjects as well as academic subjects.

By focusing on an holistic approach to supporting children with both their education and their emotional well-being we can empower pupils to recognise and manage their own needs with targeted support and guidance, so that they feel a sense of worth to become confident, contributing members of society who go on to become successful adults, leading happy lives.