Axis – Turning Point

Turning Point

Here at the Axis Academy we promote independence, individuality and freedom of expression. Joining The Axis Academy is a new start for our students and an opportunity for them to thrive in a nurturing environment, with highly qualified teaching staff. We aim to give our students the skills and knowledge to become independent adults in society.

These Include:

  • Travelling independently – learning how to use public transport facilitating students travelling to school independently; planning trips and itineraries for residential visits.
  • Living independently – understanding how to pay bills and set up direct debits; understanding credit ratings; having a personal bank account; looking at basic needs, and how to shop appropriately; developing a greater sense of self-awareness and appreciation for others.
  • Domestic skills – carrying out household chores, and understanding why it is important; how to take care of basic maintenance & repair; how to shop and prepare food; how to stay safe at home, especially in the kitchen; how to do laundry and clothing selection (eg. for work).
  • Being healthy – looking at being a healthy individual with the right balanced diet; meal planning; why it is appropriate, and how to maintain, good hygiene; smoking, drug and alcohol misuse; understanding healthy relationships, and safe sex (age appropriate).


  • Applying for college/employment – access high-quality careers advice so all students can make an informed choice about their next steps into adulthood; visiting post-16 providers, and completing high-quality work placements (where appropriate).
  • Budgeting and financial education – learning the importance of saving/budgeting, living within your means; how pensions work, so and understanding loans/mortgages.
  • Participating in, and contributing to, the local community – co-ordinating events to support local communities, and take part in activities; develop crossgenerational learning. The Academy will focus on four key areas in promoting these life skills, helping all to become confident, effective and skilled members of their communities.