About the School

The Axis Academy is an SEN Free School, established in 2020 to support pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties in Cheshire East. The School has capacity for 68 pupils, aged 5-18 years old, and all children are offered a varied, interesting and inspiring curriculum with a focus on vocational and well-being subjects as well as academic subjects.

By focusing on a holistic approach to supporting children with both their education and their emotional well-being, we aim to empower pupils to recognise and manage their own needs with targeted support and guidance.  This will embed a feeling of self worth, helping children to become confident, contributing members of society who go on to become successful adults, leading happy lives.

The Academy provides a variety of surroundings to develop the whole child, such as calm rooms and sensory rooms to tranquil learning environments and outdoor spaces. Our commitment is for children to feel safe and secure, with staff that motivate and drive them to come to school every day. Not only do children have access to trained members of staff who know and understand their needs, Academy works collaboratively with a variety of multi agencies to ensure that children’s needs are met and anxieties are reduced by providing onsite facilities and a collaborative delivery model with visiting professionals.

At The Axis Academy, we put each student at the centre of their education, making the experience as personally tailored as possible and providing the right environment for all to succeed, while allowing them to understand and address the nature of specific mental health needs. We create a nurturing approach to education where children feel safe and supported and that their needs and obstacles in life are understood and addressed by empathetic, patient members of staff who show compassion and appreciate the needs and requirements of all pupils.

The Axis Academy is committed to:

  • Meeting the individual needs of all students,
  • Raising students aspirations,
  • Raising the quality of their education and maintaining standards,
  • Promoting fundamental British Values

We believe inclusion in this manner is vital to advance learning for our cohort. Staff work flexibly across their subjects to make sure all course material is accessible for all students. We ensure the work is challenging and stretches students, whilst guaranteeing it is appropriate to their stage of education.

Our Classrooms

Other than a few design choices, all our other classrooms are set out to mirror Humanities to help ease transition from one lesson to another.




Food Technology



The Hub and Quad are where our students spend break and dinner times. There are lots of activities they can take part in, including pool, table tennis, Board games and sports.

Our Sensory Room offers a quiet reflective place for our students to relax, learn meditation/yoga or just go to have some quiet time.

Our Calm Rooms offer a quiet place for our students to have time out from the classroom if needed.

Our Library is a calm area to read or play games in a tranquil space.