Statement of Provision

The Axis Academy is a special educational needs school for students with an Educational Health and Care Plan (ECHP) for Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties.

The Academy provides places focusing on supporting those students with severe mental health needs. With an ambitious curriculum and support model, we want to help all our students receive the support they need to become successful members of the modern world.


The Axis Academy is a Special School which provides 68 places for children of both sexes in the age range 4 – 18 with Social, Emotional and Mental Health diagnosis and an EHCP.

For a child to be accepted on role, the school must be named by a Local Authority in the child’s EHCP.

Parents wishing their children to benefit from our provision should ask their Local Authority to name our school in their child’s EHCP.

A Local Authority can also refer a child to the school to be assessed for an EHCP or following a change in the child’s circumstances for his or her needs to be assessed or reassessed. Any assessments should be completed within the 20 weeks set out in the SEND Code of Practice.

Children being assessed for an EHCP will be dual registered and return, full time, to their mainstream school if the LA decides not to issue an EHCP.

If you have any questions regarding admissions or you would like to arrange a school tour, please can you email –

For further information on our school and the process for obtaining a place here, please view our Admissions Policy or contact our Pastoral Lead

Ms Tanya Lockwood

07761 510973