Careers Information – Teachers (Benchmark 4 information: embedded if possible?)


What are the Gatsby Benchmarks?

“The Gatsby Benchmarks were developed on behalf of the Gatsby Foundation by Sir John Holman. They define what world class careers provision in education looks like and provide a clear framework for organising the careers provision at your school or college.

The benchmarks are enshrined in statutory guidance and as a Careers Leader, it is school’s responsibility to oversee the implementation of the benchmarks in your education setting.”- CEC Website

What are your responsibilities as a teacher of The Axis Academy?


As teachers we all want the best for our pupils; we want to see them reach their potential and succeed in life. Careers education allows them to explore possible careers and develop an understanding of the options available to them at each stage of their learning journey. At The Axis we aim to give pupils a broad and balanced overview of suitable careers by using all subject areas, therefore we would like all subject teachers to ensure the following:


  • develop links with businesses and organisations
  • to invite external speakers who work in a field link to the subject area to come into school (virtually where an actual visit is not feasible).
  • where appropriate to organise external visits by pupils to local businesses/organisations or colleges.
  • when appropriate, record careers learning opportunities in Gridmaker.
  • take part in whole school ‘Careers Days’ where all teachers start their lesson with a careers focus, such as talking about their career pathway or showing a short film where people in a range of job roles explain the relevance of skills developed in a particular subject area to their role.
  • consider the needs and interests of all pupils and ensure that information challenges stereotyping including mental health and disability.
  • Subject teachers will be supported to develop and integrate careers learning opportunities into their schemes of learning through INSET sessions.


There are a range of resources on the market that suggest ways of incorporating careers learning into different subject areas. The ‘Careers in the Curriculum’ spreadsheet on the school intranet also has a wide range of useful resources and ideas for subject areas.



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