The Axis Academy Curriculum Intent

The Axis Academy curriculum is PRECISE for every learner: progressive, relevant, exciting, challenging, inspirational, sequenced and (re)engaging, fostering enquiry-based learning and promoting a thirst for knowledge, maximising academic potential and personal/social development, enhancing future life chances through a nurturing approach.

Our vision

When a student leaves The Axis Academy we want them to:

  • have plans in place for their future
  • enjoy learning and see the value of lifelong learning
  • have respect and understanding for themselves and others, regardless of differences
  • have productive roles as a contributing member of society
  • know how to maintain a healthy body and mind
  • have achieved their best academic outcomes

We believe our nurturing and therapeutic curriculum allows all pupils to achieve these outcomes.

The Axis Academy sees the importance of developing all aspects of a student’s character and so offers a holistic education promoting progress in all areas – socially, intellectually, creatively and culturally. Fundamental to this is equipping students with the tools to support their social and emotional wellbeing now and in the future.

The delivery of our nurturing and therapeutic curriculum ensures pupils learn and remember more, extend their knowledge and are given opportunities to make concrete links between topics and subjects. At the heart of the Axis curriculum is the development of students interests and talents with a rich, deep and ambitious diet. Using an enquiry-based learning approach we promote creativity and leadership within our students to support them becoming lifelong learners with the skills and attributes they need to succeed in careers that we don’t yet know due to the rapidly changing world we live in. Therefore, the enquiry-based curriculum needs to be rich, deep, aspirational, creative, relevant and meet the needs of our students, following a comprehensive programme of subjects with a strong focus on reading and literacy. Pupils will hone their leadership skills through a range of activities including The John Muir Awards, Duke of Edinburgh Award, and many sporting opportunities and extracurricular activities.

Formative assessment is planned to ensure learning is broad and effective. The Axis curriculum is carefully sequenced with timely support and intervention to fill gaps in learning allowing students to make accelerated progress. Our curriculum allows for individual personalised pathways to support individual needs and build upon students’ prior knowledge whilst providing appropriate challenge.

At the Axis Academy it is important that we recognise students’ personal starting points, we acknowledge some may have not had a positive experience of education and it is our job to change this. We believe in learning for enjoyment and equipping our pupils for the world beyond school.

The Axis Academy offers a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 . We offer the following subjects:

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum currently offers a range of academic and vocational subjects. Our students are allowed to pick three of the following options to enhance our established curriculum:

To find out more about the curriculum your young person is following please click on their teaching group below and it will give you an overview of what they are studying this year.

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yearly overview

yearly overview

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yearly overview

yearly overview

yearly overview

At times in school we use online learning platforms. Your child will be set up on all of them when they start and you will be given log in details so your child can use these platforms from home. You can access them by

clicking on the links below:

Hungry for History


Reading Eggs

TT Rockstars