Key Principles

Our Key Principles

The Axis Academy is dedicated to supporting children who have become disconnected with education because of emotional well-being complications.

We believe that no child should be denied access to an education because of mental health difficulties.

We strive to empower children by giving them the tools to recognise and manage their own needs through a bespoke education, which focuses on mental health awareness and vocational subjects as well as academic subjects. This helps them see the relevance of what they are learning so they can relate it to the wider world.

We aim to:

  • Inspire children to develop a sense of awe, wonder and curiosity!
  • Raise children’s aspirations, both academically and socially!
  • Make sure children build a strong sense of independence and to be resilient to the trials and troubles of life!
  • Inspire children’s minds and get them to think outside of the box with creativity!
  • Give children motivation and purpose, so that they move forward, with the belief  their dreams are possible!
  • Provide a safe and secure environment, where everyone can learn, staffed with patient, understanding and trusted adults, who show them respect and empathy!