Ethos and Vision

The Axis team are passionate about providing opportunities for those students currently out of education or those who are not coping within a mainstream setting. With a highly-trained, specialised team, we support each student’s individual needs, particularly focusing on those students with mental-health issues, needing a safe, but aspirational environment to recapture an often lost passion for learning and creativity. We are pioneering in our approach to whole-school emotional intelligence coaching and support, working closely in tune with CAMHS, the SEN Team and other relevant agencies. We aim to offer a holistic and individualised education for each of our students.

‘Axis’ represents far more than just a name for a school. It neatly summarises our vision for the Academy, and expresses the ethos for education we strive to provide; an ethos focused on positive achievement and success at every stage.

Axis – Child Centred: Student-centered education.

Axis – Turning Point: Specialist curriculum; engages, inspires and promotes achievement.

Axis – Support: Individual support plans engendering emotional resilience.

Axis – Destinations: Successful learning; leads to positive destinations at post-16