The Axis Academy Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Paul Eager
Assistant Head, PE & Maths Teacher- Steve Jardine
Assistant Head & SENCO – Sarah Holt
Pastoral Lead & Designated Safeguarding Lead – Lorna Lockhart

Pastoral and Support

Mental Health Counsellor – Jamie Ebdon

Pastoral Support Officer – Grace Booth
WISPA’s Support Officer – Jacob Lambert

Office, HR & Finance

Office Manager – Rob Lockett
School Receptionist – Alex Edwards

Site Staff

Site Manager – Maureen Stevens

Teaching Staff

Primary Teacher (Darwin Class) – Macauley Wright

Primary Teacher (Hawking Class) – Laura Bridges

Lead English and Drama Teacher – Jayne Vickers

English and Drama Teacher – Emma Hewitt

Maths & English Teacher – Joel Price

Science & Geography Teacher – Anna Power

History Teacher – Lauren Symns
Art Teacher – Rachel Phillips

Food Technology Learning Mentor – Lucy Todd

DT Learning Mentor – Richard Lambert

ICT Learning Mentor – Elecia Snelson

Outdoor Education Learning Mentor – Helen Parsonage

Teaching Assistants

Zara Adams
Callum Hand
Kerry Keen
Joanne Fisher