What People Say

Axis academy and their staff have been incredibly helpful during the planning progress for a family we have worked with, and have offered wrap around support to the Child and Parent’s. They have offered support above and beyond what would usually be required and this has led to much quicker, and better outcomes for the Child and Family.

Thank you very much

I have only had the pleasure of working with Axis Academy for a short time, however have found that the communication is really good, members of Staff are readily available to speak to me, providing support and guidance, it is clear the pupils of Axis are a priority for the School.

The young person I am working with and her parent has feedback that they are extremely happy with how they have supported and managed her child.

LA Social Worker

LA Support Worker

The support that we have been offered has been extremely good and has supported the children effectively.  I have found staff very approachable and supportive. Responses to emails have been timely and professional. I am really looking forward to developing a working relationship with the school.

Just so thrilled that xxx is enjoying school and is learning such amazing life skills along with very good academic learning. He feels valued, welcomed, wanted and is thriving. Cannot thank the Axis Academy, staff and pupils enough for making such a fantastic difference to his life. He is maturing so much better and it is having a positive impact on his attitude at home also. Absolutely delighted and so happy

Mablins Lane – Primary School


Axis academy have been supporting a young person I am currently working with. Axis have been fantastic and the young person has shown tremendous growth in such a short amount of time at the school. Axis are very child centred and adapt their teaching to the individual needs of the child. The young person I am working with was previously socially isolated and not accessing a school based education. The young person is now accessing the full curriculum at Axis and they are now socialising with their peers in lessons and also at break times

The Axis Academy is a lifeline to children with special educational needs who are otherwise lost (often with devastating detrimental effect) in mainstream education. The Axis Academy affords these children the time and patience to build relationships with staff and peers and to breakdown the negative thoughts and feelings the children have come to associate with school. Children are given the time to heal and learn that school is a safe place. In so doing the Axis Academy enables the children to disengage ‘fight or flight mode’ and re-engage ‘learning mode’ in a fun and happy educational environment. A parent couldn’t ask for more.

Family Support Worker